About Minecraft

“Minecraft” is a very popular craft game all over the world.

Create mode , which can create various things depending on the idea by combining blocks, is very popular.

Some players have created magnificent fictional kingdoms over the years.

In addition to the create mode, Minecraft also has a survival mode in which you fight the enemy while keeping your hunger and physical strength.

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$45,600 Squid Game Challenge!

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I hosted a massive squid game challenge with Dream, Sapnap and TommyInnit! SUBSCRIBE OR YOU’LL HAVE BAD LUCK New …

Minecraft Death Shuffle…

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Minecraft Live 2021

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The live show is no longer live, but it lives forever as a recording! Watch us announce the next update, deliver the newest news, …

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay!

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Give an allay a collectible and it will come back with matching items or more of the same! It also loves to dance and will drop your …

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the copper golem!

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The copper golem is built out of copper. But by whom? By you! Just like all other copper structures, it oxidizes over time and it also …

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the next new mob!

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Who will get your vote this year? The darkness seeking glare, the player-built copper golem, or the dancing collector allay?

Minecraft but the Hearts are Blocks

Contributor: Craftee 5 days ago 20m 5,461,585 Times

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Playing Minecraft while blocks are hearts brings a whole new challenge to the game! Craftee Merchandise! Click Here …


Contributor: Mikecrack 3 days ago 6m 55s 5,803,888 Times

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⭐ Créditos ⭐ Idea original: Mikecrack Guión: Rodrigo Palacios Storyboard: Javier Jerez Dirección de Arte: Javier Jerez …


Contributor: XDJames 4 days ago 10m 4s 6,074,453 Times

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Music Credit : Cartoon Squeak Fast by Motion_S low no.wav by Reitanna clear throat18.wav by Reitanna Man laughs extensively …

Monster School : Baby Dragon and Baby Zombie – Sad Story – Minecraft Animation

Contributor: BigSchool 6 days ago 13m 6s 5,245,917 Times

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Music Credit : Impact_Intermezzo, Mechanolith, Grave_Matters by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com) licensed under …

What kind of game is Minecraft!?

The highest peak of craft games!

“Minecraft” is a worldwide mega-hit title released on various platforms .

A wide range of products are being developed, from PC versions that can use various MODs to smartphone versions that can be easily carried.

Speaking of Minecraft, the world composed of square blocks will be famous. Blocks have a wide variety of roles, and can create many things depending on the idea .

The Danish government used 4 trillion blocks to recreate the country, and some individual players have spent several years creating fictional kingdoms.

Minecraft has a survival mode and a create mode , but if you have something you want to create, create mode is recommended.

On the other hand, in Survival mode, enemy characters appear, so you have to devise not to run out of hunger and physical strength while fighting.

For beginners, you can enjoy Minecraft as a game , so beginners will learn the basics in survival mode.

By the time you get used to a field with a high degree of freedom, nature and the creator’s soul will spring up.

Explanation of how to play simple for Minecraft beginners

Even if you actually start the survival mode, you will suddenly be thrown out into a wide field and will be at a loss.

Let’s start with the goal of building a workbench .

[Raw wood] is obtained from the trees growing all over, and further processed into [wood].

You can even craft a “workbench” from wood.

If you build a workbench, the number of tools that can be crafted will increase at a stretch.

The full-scale Minecraft starts here. I can do various things, but I want a home that is a base for adventure.

Craft a “shovel” and a “pickel” because building a building requires a lot of earth and stone blocks.
This allows you to quickly destroy each block.

Because the bed is almost indispensable at home, I want to get [wool] as soon as possible.

Defeat wild sheep and collect them. Sheep can also get food meat. The first house can be simple.

It is enough to stack square blocks, commonly called [ tofu house ], like a tofu.

Most beginners of Minecraft leave the tofu house. When you have a home with a bed, sleep first.

In the night, it is difficult to act in various ways, so it is basic to sleep in bed and wait for the morning.

If you become accustomed to Minecraft, you will be able to adventure with the torch even at night.

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