About CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

[Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] (CS: GO) is an FPS game where two teams from 5 to 5 play against each other.

Divide into offensive terrorists and defensive counter-terrorists , and change offense and defense in 15 rounds .

And the team who took 16 rounds first wins.

O CS:GO features

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This game is literally CSGO now

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#37 CS: GO – Легкие Эйсы – реакция на Marmok

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What kind of game is CS:GO!?

Terrorist vs counter-terrorist fight

[CS: GO] is a terrorist vs. counter terrorist battle, and each team’s round victory conditions are as follows.

[Terrorist victory]
Set up a bomb within the round time and blow up the bomb
Defeat all counter terrorists

[Counter terrorist victory]
Release the installed bomb
Defeat all terrorists
Terrorists don’t place bombs in round time

If neither is destroyed by the time out and the bomb cannot be placed, the counter-terrorist wins .

Casual mode is recommended for beginners

The game mode recommended for first-timers is called casual mode .

Friendly fire and collision detection with allies are off , and there are many players , so you can play comfortably.

There are two types of rules: [ Blasting ], where the terrorist team aims to install / bomb the C4, and [ Rescue hostages ], where the counter terrorist team rescue the hostages.

CS: GO Money System

There is money in this game that no other FPS has.

Not only weapons but also bulletproof vests, helmets, grenades, etc. will all be purchased with money during the game.

If you buy strong weapons and equipment, you will need money, so one strategy is to save money without buying anything .

At the start of the round, money is paid to each individual and they buy their equipment.

As you win rounds and kill enemies, your money will increase .

However, even if you have a weapon that you have earned and bought with your hard work, if the enemy kills you, not only will the enemy get money, but you will also lose your equipment.

Enemies can pick up their equipment, so you need to be more careful when you have a strong weapon.

Basic CS: GO techniques

In CS: GO, if you shoot while running, the bullets do not fly as intended , depending on the gun.

On the other hand, if you stop and shoot, the first bullet will fly almost as intended.

What is important is the technique of stopping .

By pressing the key in the direction opposite to the direction of movement for a moment, it will stop instantly and it will be possible to shoot as intended.

[Squatting jump]
By squatting down during a jump, you can climb objects that are too high for a normal jump .

This is a technique used for positioning and moving shortcuts .

Although it is not a technique, in this work which is conscious of e-Sports, a more versatile play environment can be constructed by setting the [ Config ] file.

Most of the experienced players have customized it , so it’s a good idea to set it by referring to the capture site.

FPS game that lasts more than 10 years

Ten years have passed since the appearance of the MOD version of [Counter-Strike].

With [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive], its genealogy is still continuing and building a solid position as an e-Sports title .

This work has become an FPS that has become familiar for a long time like no other.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to experience it .