About Animal Crossing New Horizons

[Animal Crossing] is a healing game that allows you to live a free life in the game, away from the real world.

In the game, the same time as the real world flows, so if the real world is night, the game will be night.

Emigrate to an uninhabited island where you can explore the entire island, explore the beaches, and enjoy life on an uninhabited island full of nature .

O Animal Crossing features

Animal Crossing [ YouTube latest game video (Animal Crossing New Horizons) ]

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This is what terraforming in Animal Crossing is actually like

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Animal Crossing New Horizons – LIMITED July Items REVEALED (ACNH Seasonal Update)

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making a RESTAURANT on my island! (tangy is a small business owner)

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codes used: breakfast awning: MA-4968-6174-0561 breakfast menu: MA-4968-6174-0561 orange slice: MA-1442-0764-6339 …

🔴decorating bob’s house!

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BECOME A MEMBER: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOLxOm2Pi2rmuvQfnKsFGZQ/join ⭐ MERCH: …

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ACNHアップデートの将来についての議論🎆\n►FIREWORKSの「いいね」🎇\n\n今日は、どうぶつの森ニューホライズンズの未来を見て、今後数週間でゲームに追 …


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Welcome to my channel ꧂ ⇣ • Lien Discord : https://charlinecherrys.fr/ ☕️Connaître le café de vos habitants !

What kind of game is Animal Crossing!?

Starting from emigrating to a deserted island

[Animal Crossing] begins with moving to an uninhabited island by participating in the [uninhabited island migration package plan] planned by [Nook Inc.].

You can get tents and smartphones necessary for daily life from [ Nook Inc .], so first set up a tent, decide on a base, and start living on an uninhabited island.

At the information desk in the plaza, you can also buy daily necessities for daily living and sell unwanted items.

You can decorate the furniture in the tent or decorate it outside.

What to do first on an uninhabited island?

First, earn miles with [ Nook Mileage ].

You can earn miles by completing tasks such as catch 5 fish and collect insects.

It is easy to understand for those who are accumulating airplane miles .

Earned miles can be exchanged for various items and used for immigration expenses.

Lots of things to do at night

In the previous game, “Animal Crossing New Leaf,” at night, the shop was closed and there was no case to do anything.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is an uninhabited island, so it doesn’t matter where you shop, there are many things that you can do at night or go looking for something.

There are many missions that can be done at night in order to earn Nook Mileage , so it’s a great change for those who can only play at night.

Do It Yourself (DIY): Get what you need with your own hands

In a deserted island living with nothing, the basic idea is to make something that does not exist .

You can pick branches and make fishing rods for fishing, make axes with branches and stones, and make various things.

The only tools that can be created in the beginning are simple ones, but once you get the recipe, you will be able to make more useful and luxurious tools .

For example, you can jump over a river with a stick or make a ladder to go over a cliff.

DIY recipes can be bought in stores as well as instructed by others .

DIY recipes and necessary ingredients are stored on the smartphone in the game and can be checked at any time.

In addition to tools, furniture can also be made of wood and stone, and you can make your own furniture.

You can enjoy the season and weather even in the game

On an uninhabited island, you can feel the seasons and weather just like in the real world.

Depending on the season and time of day, the animals you can meet and the types of insects and fish caught will also change.

While interacting with animals, you can enjoy leisurely fishing and insect catching, create a wild life, or enjoy living on an uninhabited island freely.